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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

Environ Commercial Services is a full service, professional, commercial carpet cleaning service company. We clean carpet in commercial buildings, resturants, offices, appartments, condominiums, and all other commercial or professional buildings. We have over 20 years experience in the carpet cleaning & restoration industry.

Anchorage Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service
We use only industry cleaning standard carpet chemicals and equipment. This ensures you the best possible outcome for your particular carpet cleaning situation. Know how to choose the right commercial carpet cleaning service.

Methods of Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service offered:
* Steam extraction
* Bonet cleaning
* (V.L.M.) very low moisture cleaning system

The bottom line is, any commercial carpet cleaning service company should be familiar with all methods of carpet cleaning. Varied situations call for different cleaning methods. Environ uses "primarily" the V.L.M. system.

The V.L.M. system:
The V.L.M. system stands for very low moisture. Its a less commonly used system, but is gaining in popularity, especially among commercial customers. The primiary benefit of the V.L.M. system is that less mosture means less drying time. Your property is ready for use within minutes of job completion. Less dry time means greater effecencies.

Other effective carpet cleaning systems
Also, our professional carpet services in Anchorage include a more effective cleaning through the use of industry standard chemicals & equipment, such as orbital cleaning system. The use of mild solvents & orbital cleaning equipment creates a synergistic effect with results far exceeding that of more commonly used methods.

The end result
We begin each carpet job with the end result in mind - our goal of you being a happy customer. We believe you will be very happy and satisfied with the appearance and the overall outcome of our carpet services.

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